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Returning to the Pack

Entering class of Fall 2020, we look forward to helping you return to the pack this fall!  If you did not enroll for Spring 2021, and are ready to return - following are some helpful tips:

For the latest information on COVID-19, and Bringing Back the Pack, click here.

The Fall semester begins August 23.  Click here for information on Class Modalities.


  • Your admission will be current (as long as you were enrolled in Fall 2020), so there is no need to reapply.


  • If you need help with your password for MyUNM, click here for information on help!


  • Registration is underway.  For more information and registration tips, click here.
  • ASK ME.  If you need help, join us for a virtual event on Friday, April 16 from 10am - 1pm.  Click here for information.


  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to discuss classes and your degree plan (and to remove any advisement holds)


  • Make sure you complete your 2021-22 FAFSA.  Also, make sure and check for any missing requirements to complete your file.
  • Resident Scholarships (including Legislative Lottery).  If you had an extenuating circumstance, submit a petition.  Please contact us for assistance!
  • If you were on non-resident scholarship (Amigo, Colorado Reciprocal, LUE, LUE Plus, WUE, WUE Plus, etc.) – it will be reinstated for 2021-22.



Call (505-277-8900), live chat, or schedule a virtual appointment with representatives from Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Scholarships, etc. at

We can’t wait to help you continue in your academic journey at UNM!

If you have additional questions regarding your return (Academic, Financial, Registration, etc.) – please reach out to us.  Email us directly at, or call 505-277-1766 for personal assistance to discuss resources and how we can best help you!