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Peer Success Coaching Program

Peer Success Coaches work with first year students to support and encourage them toward academic success.  Peer Success Coaches function as guides, listeners, and offer motivation to help students navigate through their first year by engaging in one-on-one and group meetings.

Students who elect to participate will be connected to a Peer Success Coach.  Together, you and your coach will focus on strengths and passions that you bring to encourage and support you throughout your first year.  Participating students will meet with their coaches to develop strategies to enhance their academic experience.  Students will also attend a variety of academic and community-based programming, and participate in academic major and career-focused activities.  These activities will be tailored to a student’s goals and passions.

Peer coaches will work with students to address topics beyond and including: time management, study skills, personal health and wellness, campus resources, career goal planning, etc.

Student Success Coaching Program Benefits:

  • Enhanced academic success
  • Peer mentorship
  • Personalized study skills
  • Individualized Student Success Plan
  • Time and stress management resources
  • Referral to campus resources
  • Goal setting (both academic major and career oriented)

Sign up to be connected to a coach here.