New Students

Thank You for Choosing UNM - We Welcome You!

Get Started with Lobo Logistics

  • Your UNM-ID (a.k.a. NetID) will be THEE common login for access to all the important information held on the interwebs.
    • Once you receive your UNM-ID on your Admissions Acceptance letter you can get going.
    • If you have not received your Admissions Acceptance letter, please call the Admissions Office at 505-277-8900.

Now that you have your UNM-ID set up, bookmark the following websites:

  • myUNM is your personal gateway to UNM, which hosts centralized access to University resources.
  • LoboMail is your new email and calendar system for ALL THINGS UNM. It's important to check this account and not forward it to gmail, yahoo, or other. 
  • LoboAchieve is the place to go to when you have questions for your advisor. You'll schedule your appointments here!
  • UNM LEARN is your direct route to your online classes. 

Get to Know Your UNM

Get to Know Your Surroundings
  1. Complete FAFSA by March 1st in order to receive the maximum financial aid award.
  2. Need a scholarship? Apply first for admission. Once you’re admitted, you can apply for scholarships.
  3. Need help? Go here to get help with the entire Financial Aid process.
  1. All freshmen must attend orientation in order to become a UNM student.
  2. Register for an orientation session as early as you can.
  3. At orientation, you will meet with an advisor and register for classes.
  • Find out about UNM services and resources
  • Learn about campus life from current UNM students
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Learn how to use LoboAchieve, our online advising tool
  • Find out about Freshman Academic Communities
  • Put together your class schedule
  • Register for your classes
  • Find out about living on, or commuting to campus and parking
  • Meet other new students

During orientation, you will meet with an advisor and register for classes. NOTE: You can not register without your advisor.
You can prepare by reviewing the schedule of classes.
Already a UNM student? Schedule an appointment with your advisor to register for classes.

  • Download & print your personal Success Plan (PDF).
  • Thinking about your future career goals and the potential majors that you can study in order to achieve those goals.

During orientation, you will meet with an advisor who will assist you with general advising and guide you towards your academic plan.

Although it is encouraged for you to choose a major prior to orientation, this major is not set in stone. You have the option of changing majors throughout your college career, especially in your first two years. However, knowing what you might want to do as a future career will make the academic advisement process a bit easier.

After Lobo Orientation, you will be expected to meet with your academic advisor each semester. You will receive an academic advisement hold that will prevent class registration and an email from your assigned academic advisor during the semester. Before you meet with your academic advisor,

  • View your LoboTrax degree audit to understand which classes you need to take for your major.
  • Pick the courses you plan to take in the upcoming semester.
  • Become familiar with pre-requisites for those classes and how those classes will fit into your degree requirements.

Make sure to meet with your academic advisor early in the semester to discuss which classes you would like to take next semester. You are responsible for scheduling the meeting with your academic advisor through LoboAchieve.

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