LoboAchieve provides students with a central location to find people on campus who can help them succeed. They can also see recommendations and tips for improvement displayed on their LoboAchieve homepage or sent to via email. They can get to LoboAchieve directly from Learn9 (the program we use for online components of courses) or via http://loboachieve.unm.edu.

In order to access LoboAchieve students will need a UNM NetID and password. It is just that simple!

LoboAchieve provides students with the following features and benefits:

  • Students will always know who their academic advisor is for different programs and organizations.
  • Students can schedule appointments online to meet with their advisors, instructors, or anyone else at the institution in the student’s network.
  • Students will receive selected advising notes from their advisor.
  • Students will know immediately when the institution has a concern about their academic performance by using academic flags. Messages with come from LoboAchieve.
  • Students will receive Kudos for completing certain tasks or accomplishing important milestones

Please go to http://loboachieveinfo.unm.edu/ to learn more about LoboAchieve. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at loboachieveinfo@unm.edu.

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