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What is Advisement at UNM?

Advisors at the University of New Mexico are here to assist students in understanding the policies and procedures associated with their degree attainment. Advisors provide one-on-one advising catered to the student’s individual needs, and academic goals to assist the student in understanding their specific curriculum.  Advisors provide an environment that allows students to explore their educational experiences within the framework of their aspirations, abilities and lives extending beyond the classroom.

Types of Advising at UNM


Athletic advisors meet one-on-one with student athletes to create an academic plan that aligns with their academic goals and NCAA requirements in order to create a well-rounded athletic schedule.


College advisors are here to advise students on overall college requirements needed to graduate. College advisors work in partnership with departmental advisors to ensure that students have met all of the college and departmental requirements for graduation. College advisors are the only advisors that can certify graduation. They can advise on both the major and minor requirements for the college.


Departmental advisors provide advisement on departmental and major specific requirements. They can approve transfer equivalencies and grant departmental overrides. In addition, they coordinate with their counterparts in the college to provide exceptions and substitutions. If a student is completing a major or a minor in more than one unit, they will likely have an advisor in each unit. Departmental advisors may be either faculty or professional staff.


Branch advisors are located at each of the branch campuses. They provide an all-inclusive approach to advising. They offer one-stop services to their students on a variety of enrollment service issues.


Extended University Advisors are located mainly at the branch campus and online. Extended university advisors provide direct program advising for students enrolled in their statewide education centers. They provide one-stop services to their students on a variety of enrollment service issues.


University advisement center advisors work with students whom are admitted into University College. Students meet one-on-one with UAC advisors and work in partnership to create an academic plan until they have transitioned into their degree granting college. Advisors assist students with their course schedule and help students make successful career choices.

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