Academic Support

Seeking academic support can help students succeed here at UNM. Using the services that UNM offers can help you achieve your goals and better prepare you for your classes. There are plenty of resources available for UNM students such as mentors, tutors, academic coaches, online databases, and libraries. Below are the resources we think will help you in your academic journey.

What services can the UNM Library system offer me?

There are four separate physical libraries on campus: Zimmerman Library, Centennial Science & Engineering Library, Fine Arts & Design Library, and Parish Memorial Library for Business & Economics. UNM also has esreserves held by professors for their students, and a surplus online text database.

(505) 277-9100

Study Tips/Tutors

How can I connect to a Tutor, and how does tutoring benefit students?

As a part of ensuring the success of our students, UNM offers free tutoring and academic success services to provide help in various areas of study.
(505) 277-7208

Phone: (505) 277-7208

Mathematics & Statistics 
Phone: (505) 277-4613

What are Mentors and Academic Coaches?

Mentors and Academic Coaches are available for students interested in extra guidance and support throughout their college career. Mentors provide advice, encouragement and access to information on professionals working in your career field. Academic coaches provide techniques such as active listening skills, observation, and goal development.




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